Let’s Remix Again, Shall We?

This post has been on my heart for so long now and I think it’s finally time to do it! I’m bringing the 30 for 30 back, ya’ll! (Except I’m changing it to 30×30 Remix because ESPN.) 
I have been wanting to do this for years now but just haven’t found the time or — well let’s be honest — the courage to post this post. But I’m dying to do one and this post is the first step. So let’s get to it!
Take a quick stroll down memory lane with me. I hope you have your J.Crew pencil skirt on for this. I’m not sure when you stumbled upon KE, if it was something you found from the getgo of style blogging (hello 2009) or how you found me from the last 10 years, but I’m so glad you’re here. If you remember pre-Instagram / pre-Influencer, I started the 30 for 30 in 2010 through 2011, I did 5 remixes. This is where I would take 30 items and remix them into 30 different outfits; to find a creative way to wear and re-wear my favorite things. During my last remix that summer, we were planning on opening the shop that fall and I ended up shelving the 30 for 30, but never formally saying goodbye. I never wanted to say goodbye to it, but at the time I needed to put it aside because I was getting burned out and the shop was taking up my mental capacity where the 30 for 30 had lived. (Brains are funny like that.) So this idea has been sitting on my proverbial mental shelf for 8 years and in that time I’ve had a wonderful go at being a shop girl, an almost travel blogger, becoming a mom and navigating a successful 10 year career through blogging (or what is now called ‘influencing’ but I will never be able to get used to that term. Call me old school but blogging is where my heart lies.) During the time that I stopped doing the 30 for 30, a similar idea shifted into Capsule Wardrobes that took much of the same characteristics of my remixes but more of a limited approach and view. I’ll be honest, I’ve never found myself drawn to ‘capsule wardrobes’ as much as I was to this idea of my 30 for 30 or remixing. I like colors, I like patterns, and most capsule wardrobes are filled with basics and neutrals and that is wonderful — don’t hear me say anything but positive things about capsule wardrobes — but it’s just never caught my attention the way a full, colorful remix does. I find myself becoming bored with the same things over and over again, so the idea of bringing back a remix crept up last summer in my mind. I planned out a whole summer remix last June BUT…I was never able to get myself to write THIS post. I planned another one this spring and the same writer’s block struck again. And to be honest, I don’t even know if these are the words that I truly want to use for my big ‘I’m doing the 30 for 30 again’ reveal — but it’s all I got and it’s published. And that’s more than I’ve been able to do about this. So hooray for big baby steps!
One of the biggest reason I haven’t returned to the 30 for 30 is that I just didn’t know what to say about why I’ve left it open-ended all of these years. I truly put the 30 for 30 away on a shelf to be picked up again but I just never did. The shop got in the way, life got in the way, hell — depression got in the way, and then time got away from me.  As someone who has built a whole career on knowing what to say, I’ve never known just what to say about this, so I don’t. And if the 30 for 30 was perhaps why so many of you all started following me and I hope you know what it means for me on this side. Thank you for sticking around and allowing me to grow, change, expand (and maybe sometimes constrict back) into who I am today. It’s been hard to touch this subject because it means just as much to me as it did you, probably more. So I hope that this post comes with as much excitement as it does for me. And if you have NO clue what I’m talking about, I’ll post every detail on Monday along with my first outfit. If it feels rushed, it’s because it is. If I don’t rip off this band-aid quickly, I’ll never do it. So here we go! (Well, technically here we go on Monday…but you get the idea. THE BAND AID IS OFF!)
This is probably one of the few posts I’ve written without an image attached to it, just words. Usually, I let images speak for me in a lot of ways, but this post just needed my words. I hope you can feel all of my good energy and excitement about this challenge. I’m so so so excited and I hope you are, too! And I don’t usually ask for this because you all have been so good to me along this crazy journey, but if you are excited too, please leave me a comment and let me know! I’m all nerves (but good nerves! like piano recital nerves!) and I’d like to see a few familiar smiling faces in the crowd. 🙂
Again, thank you for sticking around and for letting me be me at all times. This blog has always been my favorite place to go.
30×30 Remix + details coming to you on Monday! (Oh and you’re welcome to join in. There’s no time limit so don’t feel rushed. Remixing doesn’t have an expiration date.)
See YOU Monday!
(PS: the featured image on the homepage is kind of misleading as those are the pieces in the remix! I’m keeping that under wraps until Monday!)