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Now & Later: Little Black Dress

I posted this dress a few weeks back but I love it so much I wanted to shoot it again before it went out of stock! (It’s on the BOGO 50% deal with Target right now so it looks like it’s going fast! You can find it here.) I am in the medium, it fits […]

Summer Remix: Yellow Maxi Dress

Remember how I said I love color? Well…I guess there’s no turning back with this dress. I don’t think you could get any more vibrant of color than this maxi dress. Does this seem like it will be hard to remix? Yes. Is that a risk I’m willing to take? Absolutely. If I’m not living on […]

My Summer Shorts (On Sale!)

Happy Weekend! It’s Friday here and a special someone’s birthday today! It’s my sweet husband’s birthday — you know him as the silent guy on my IG stories, the fabulous photographer behind our blog and the heart of our family. We are are celebrating all weekend long because that’s what you get to do as an […]

Eyelet Lace for Summer

Happy Monday — and happy June! I am so aware of time now with Gemma, since we still count her months (she’s 22 months in June!) and I can not believe we are a) already to summer this year and b) that I almost have a 2 year old! Time flies after that first year […]

The Softest Stripes

Happy Friday! Did you noticed I double posted today? This post was actually supposed to go yesterday (Thursday) but somebody forgot to hit ‘schedule’ on the post. I won’t name names but she has been all over the place this week. I’m thinking about putting her on probation until she gets her act together. To […]

Simple Summer Dress

I think simple summer dresses is actually a theme for me this summer. Okay maybe every summer, actually. A dress is just the easiest  option to toss on and your outfit feels complete. This dress, a simple white dress with a fit and flare silhouette, is one of my favorites not only because of the […]

Floral Maxi Under $50

How do you feel about maxi dresses? I can never tell if they are polarizing or not. I feel like some people love them and have a ton of them, or they have zero maxi dresses. How do you feel about this style? Maybe I’m wrong, but I feel like you are either team maxi […]

Summer Uniform

It’s only May — is it too soon to declare this my summer uniform?  As I was putting this post together last night, I realized that my top is now on sale and is selling fast!! I won’t even waste your time with the details and just tell you to go find this top here! […]

Candy Stripes

If you’re noticing a theme of stripes and color this week, you’d be right but also I did not plan this. Sometimes my brain just goes there. Somedays I like lots of color other days I’m back to neutrals. It’s a fashion roller coaster inside this head of mine. We should talk about how darling […]

Group Chat: Are you a hat person?

I posted this query on IG and got so many responses so I thought I’d ask you here: Are you a hat person or no? I LOVE a hat. I feel like sometimes it’s the missing secret sauce of an outfit but internally I’m super shy about wearing hats. You would never know because I’m […]