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Goody Two Shoes

Gemma and I got some new shoes. I felt like that was worth a whole blog post no? I mean if your shoes sparkled wouldn’t you want to tell the world? I’ve been eyeing this brand, Veja, for a while now and finally took the plunge on this rose gold pair of sneakers. I’m so […]


Well it happened again. I got it wrong. I thought this was for sure an ON the shoulder top but … well as of 12:00 pm today I realized it is not. It is officially an OFF the shoulder top according to Anthropologie. My apologies. However, I will say that it works just fun up on […]

Now & Later: Little Black Dress

I posted this dress a few weeks back but I love it so much I wanted to shoot it again before it went out of stock! (It’s on the BOGO 50% deal with Target right now so it looks like it’s going fast! You can find it here.) I am in the medium, it fits […]

Back To Cool

G turned two last week so we are a few years shy of back to school around here. And to be honest, we are a few months shy of back to cool weather around here as well. BUT two girls can dream right? Dreaming in our long sleeves over here of crisp fall days. We […]

This is Not The Time

…for this jacket. Let’s just be clear on that. We shot these at 9 am and it was already steamy out. Have I mentioned I don’t look at the weather before I get dressed? I mean sometimes I do but yeah, it’s a character flaw. But I had this jacket on my mind and there’s […]

Tiered Meets Flared

Happy — *looks at calendar* — Wednesday, friends! I have no idea what time or day it is. I am kidding, I actually do because it’s my little Gem Gem’s birthday today! We’ve got a big two year old over here! I will repeat what every mother says around the time of her child’s birthday: […]

Mixed Up

You’ll have to excuse my all over the place posting schedule this past week. I had best intention (I always do) but as you very well know, time stands still for no mom. We have been on a whirlwind of a trip this weekend (yes, I do realize this is Tuesday). We went to Las […]

Dear Anthro (See Alternative Titles)

Dear Anthro: Look what you made me do. Okay so. I swear that I was going in to make a return and then I saw that Anthropologie was having an ‘up to 40% off sale’ on all of their new dresses and so I just popped in…I was going for a simple everyday dress (This […]

A Pop of Eyelet

Today is the day! (Trust me you won’t care) BUT today is the day I get to wear my favorite purchase from the Nordstrom Sale! Big day for me, but ya know — one small step for humankind. I am super pleased by these mules and they will for certain be my most worn shoes […]

Ketchup or Mustard?

Continuing my theme of ‘It’s just August, Kendi’ I am wearing a dress because it’s blazing outside even though yes my head is screaming ‘but it should be fall’. Well, it’s not okay brain? Now get yourself inside before you melt. Do you ever buy something — say this dress for my own example — […]