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30×30 Summer Remix: Wrap Up

Is it weird that this process has been extremely cathartic for me? I’ve been holding my breath on the 30×30 for YEARS and now I feel like I can breathe. I had so many fears going into it and I can successfully say none of them came true. Ya’ll didn’t hate me for returning to […]

Summer Remix: Last Three Looks

So this might be a bit of a hodge-podge post of outfits but I wanted to share the last three outfits before we got too far into July (plus the Nordstrom Anniversary sale starts this week and I wanted to make room for that! It’s always a fun time!) As we got to the end […]

Summer Remix: Day to Date Jumpsuit

This jumpsuit is back in stock! I repeat! It’s back in stock!! You can find it here! Okay now that that’s out of the way…let’s get to remixing! (See how I wore it first here in this post.) I knew when I bought this jumpsuit that sneakers had to be involved in some way because […]

Summer Remix: White Button Down 5 Ways!

Since I decided to hit double time on the end of the remix, I knew instantly that the piece that would give me the most outfits was this white button down. (I am wearing this one from Target but also recommend a Madewell one! I have this one from Madewell but wear the Courier tops […]

Summer Remix: Yellow Maxi Three Ways

Hello friends and Happy Monday! I’m a little late posting today because…my computer finally decided it was time to move on to that Apple store in the sky. It decided to promptly die on a Monday morning at 9:20 am, just as I was getting ready to edit these photos and post. So I’m a […]

Summer Remix: Everlane Dress Two Ways

So since I made a quick switch-a-roo (this is the word we now formally use as ‘switched’) I wanted to show how easily remixable a simple dress can be. This Everlane dress is, in nature, a classic piece that looks dressed up on it’s own. I’ll refresh your memory: Clean, classic, straightforward. You can’t go […]

Summer Remix: Dress Switch-a-roo

So we’ve reached mid-way in the 30×30 anddddd… I’m swapping out a piece. I think I knew this was going to happen, so let me explain. First, let’s talk about this dress. This is a dress from Target (but I was gifted from Who What Wear collection) that I had tried on a few months […]

Summer Remix: Cognac Linen Top

On Sunday afternoon, if we time it just right, my mom and dad will watch Gemma so Bryan and I can have a date night to ourselves. Yesterday afternoon we timed it just right and got ourselves a date night thanks to my parents. We sat outside and grabbed a quick glass of wine at […]

Summer Remix: My Favorite Combo

Happy Friday! I thought I’d end the week with a favorite from the remix so far! I feel like the stripes + floral combo is one of my original styling tricks and you know what? It’s one of my favorites. I found this skirt on Amazon and was SO excited when I realized it complimented […]

Summer Remix: Everyday Dress

If you’ve been waiting on this dress from the Remix graphic, then here it is! It’s live in the shop today! Find it here. So slight bit of sad news: we got short shipped this dress in this blush color BUT we have full stock in black (everyone’s favorite!) and this really pretty lilac color! […]