30×30 Summer Remix: Wrap Up

Is it weird that this process has been extremely cathartic for me? I’ve been holding my breath on the 30×30 for YEARS and now I feel like I can breathe. I had so many fears going into it and I can successfully say none of them came true. Ya’ll didn’t hate me for returning to it, or question me for abandoning it and I didn’t get stressed out this time like I did in prior years. But I did learn some things that surprised me! So let’s get to that:
I had a few questions on why I picked the pieces I did or the colors I did, because seemingly they don’t ‘go’ together. AKA why did you put a bright yellow maxi in the remix? Ha! I get it, I do. The bright yellow maxi doesn’t go very well with a light pink dress or red heels but the main reason I did a nice mix of items was because that is what a regular closet looks like. My theory is that your closet doesn’t have to be all one color for it to be remixable. Don’t get me wrong — capsule wardrobes make a lot of sense, especially if you want a chic and classic wardrobe that is essentially a no-brainer for getting dressed. But for someone like me, someone who is immediately drawn to color and pattern and just all the wild things — my closet isn’t JUST grey, black and white. It’s yellow and light pink and green and blur and every other color you can imagine. I don’t want to be intimidated by these choices that I made when purchasing an item because obviously I like it or I wouldn’t have bought it. So I wanted to challenge myself to really use those bolder, brighter or perhaps even more difficult pieces. Does that make sense? I hope it does! It’s quite hard putting your own philosophy into words sometimes.
I should mention that this was also a personal challenge for myself. I love remixing and rewearing items in different ways but I knew I was a bit rusty at it. Admittedly, very rusty. I didn’t want to start off with easy pieces; no I wanted to start off with harder pieces on purpose. I was up for the challenge. In fact, remixing like this is actually how I get better at learning how to style pieces and learning what I truly love to wear. It’s kind of weird admitting this because I know so much of “influencers” content and blogging these days is so planned out and perfect. And I LOVE planned out and perfect. I love a perfectly executed outfit and beautiful editorial style post. But this challenge wasn’t about that; I didn’t feel like every single outfit was a knock out of the park. And in a way, I knew this going into it and probably why it’s taken me so long to do this again. I am an absolute perfectionist to my core. And I’m a little neurotic, so high standards and higher expectations is what I run on. I needed this challenge. I need to remind myself that it’s good to create, even if it’s not the best. It’s okay to make a mistake, it’s okay if you aren’t batting your best average (I’m not a baseball fan — is this the correct phrase? Fix it for me if it’s not. Lol.) You get where I’m going with this — no? I was just telling Bryan the other day how it would be really hard to start as a blogger now because everything feels like it needs to be expert level. And while I do feel like an expert blogger since I’m going on my 10th year at this — 10 years of THIS. WILD. — Sometimes it’s just nice to feel brand new at something again.
Who knew a silly closet challenge could bring around such deep thoughts?
*raises hand*
If you are thinking at this point that I name every piece of clothing I own and talk to the pieces as if they were real, you’re not wrong.
Okay so now that the deep thoughts are out of the way, let’s get to the fun part!

My Most Loved Pieces

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My favorite pieces from the remix are above! I obviously loved this floral maxi skirt, the floral mini skirt, this eyelet blouse, the Madewell pull on shorts, the Everlane dress and the Old Navy one shoulder top. The one that surprised me the most? This Eyelet Blouse. It’s so simple but I’ve loved it and I just feel good when wearing it. I also love this one shoulder linen top — this best top for when you need to feel just a little bit dressy and it added another element to my tops that I didn’t quite have. I love the versatility of this button down but I think for quality sake I would go with one from Madewell next time I’m in the market for a button down.
My Least Used Pieces
I won’t say least loved because I don’t feel that way. Sometimes you love something but you just don’t’ wear it over and over again. It feels unfair to say less loved. It’s like picking your least favorite child and then just calling them less loved. Rude.
Everlane Red Heels – These red heels I tossed in as a throwback and you know what? I just didn’t reach for them much. Here is why I think this was the case: They are such a specific red (less orange red like my old ones!) and I just think that I prefer a neutral or black shoe lately. No shade thrown towards the red heels, I just didn’t really remember to use them. Go figure. This is definitely a statement piece that you want to have on hand, but it may not be the item you reach for every day. A good item to include but it’s definitely a specific look that I just didn’t gravitate towards this go-round.
The Leopard Tank – I wouldn’t say this one was a mistake because on paper it goes with so many of my bottom choices— the Madewell shorts, the white jeans, the trousers, the denim shorts. But I just simply did not reach for it to wear over and over. Again, it’s kind of one of those things where had I reached for it, the top itself would have remixed well. I think next time to have a few more bottom options that would feel less ‘basic’ and more fun with a top like this would be key for me to use this more.
The Pullover Sweater – Alright, alright — you can say it now. You can say ‘I told you so, Kendi’ I call this my best intentions sweater. I wanted to layer it more than I did and yes, I should have seen this coming but our summer started off cool and I was thinking more ‘spring’ than Texas summer. Can’t blame me for having the best of intentions for this sweater because I love layering a light sweater with sweaters, over dresses, skirts, etc. But I should have done this a bit earlier for it to really work and make sense. I probably would have subbed a pair of straight jeans for this instead, if I had to re-do it all. Or had this in my spring remix! Next time 🙂
What I Will Change Next Time
Okay so the very first thing I realized pretty early on was that the internet moves way too fast for this challenge to be 30 days long. I may be wrong (please let me know your thoughts below!) I think now with try-on videos and just with how quickly we turn over posted content these days that waiting 30 days to see a full challenge is just simply too long. Moving forward with this challenge, I want to figure out the best way to make this remix easily consumable content so that you can be inspired and not tired of the items by the end of the challenge. I’ve not quite figured out how best I want to go about that, but there are ideas churning in my head as solutions. I liked how towards the end of this remix I started doing multiple ways with one item (I.e. 5 ways to wear a button down, three ways to wear this maxi, etc.) Let me know if like the broken out single posts or the multiple ways posts! Or if there is something different you’d like to see! I’m all ears 🙂 I’m even trying to talk myself into video, so if this is something that intrigues you, let me know!
The other issue I saw was that things sold out quickly and that’s just super annoying for you and for me. I tried my best to find dupes but I know that you guys rely on me to tell you about fit, quality, etc and I can’t always do that with the similar or dupes that I find. This is another reason why I think speeding up the remix would be best!
I want to do a remix at the start of a season to show you how best to wear the coming season’s styles and trends. I think having these outfits as a resource for the season will be the most beneficial for you as a reader! I see this as something that is a resource for you for the best pieces and how to wear them and I want to create this in the best way for you to digest it! Which leads me to…
What would you like to see?
If there is anything that you’d like to see a change in, let me know! Did you like the range and mix of price points? What about retailers? Is there a retailer you’d like to see me remix more of or less of? Let me know your thoughts! This is a new era of the remix and I can’t wait to see how it evolves.
Thank you for following along! I hope you had fun or at the very least, you didn’t notice anything different about the blog! Till next time…I’m thinking maybe early fall?
And if you are in the middle of your 30×30, let me know! I want to follow along!
Happy Remixing!
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